My magic hands

Hi there! Glad to know you. I'm Robin, and I'm a maker.

I make art. I make written posts. I make art journal pages. I make mistakes. I make amends. I make quilts, encaustic paintings, embroidered textiles, altered fabric, and tiny things like paper houses and trading cards. 

My playful creative style has allowed me to be part of gallery shows, an art residency, teaching opportunities and publications. Every single thing I've ever made was created with joy, and I plan to keep it that way.

If you'd like to check out more of my art story, here's a six-minute video about my journey into being an artist. (You may see a little of your own story in there!)

You can also check out my installment of I Made This, a five-minute inspiration video created by Gallery One.

I hope while you're here you'll see something that urges YOU to keep creating. Check out the galleries, read the posts. Join the mailing list and grab an eye-popping downloadable PDF of Zig Zag Zine 3. Get inspired, get connected, get busy with the joy of making!