Hi there! Glad to know you. I'm Robin, and I'm a maker.

I make art. I make art journal pages. I make mistakes. I make amends. I make cool things that involve cloth and stitches and layers and lessons.

My intention in this little corner of the web is to share my journey as a creative, and to encourage you to create, too. I believe art-making is a spiritual practice, and that it can bring healing, joy and meaning into your life.

(If you'd like to check out more of my art story, here's a six-minute video in the Pecha Kucha format. You can also check out my installment of I Made This, a five-minute inspiration video.)

I'm also a bodyworker, a recovering addict of everything I've liked twice, and an optimistic change agent. I post weekly on the blog about living an intentional life that allows me to show up as all of these things.

Interested in hearing more about upcoming workshops and events? I hope you'll consider joining the mailing list, which will also net you a little art treasure in the mail.

I really appreciate you spending your time with me. Enjoy, and then get out there and create.