Robin wearing a scarf

Hi there! Glad to know you. I'm Robin, and I'm a maker.

I make art. I make art journal pages. I make mistakes. I make amends. I make cool things that involve cloth and stitches and layers and lessons.

I believe art-making is a spiritual practice that can bring healing, joy and meaning into your life. When I make art, I feel whole and complete and excited even though all I’m doing is screwing around with materials and watching what happens next.

I also believe that everyone is an artist. Whether you’re into painting murals, building barns or creating spreadsheets, if what you’re doing is making you feel engaged and alive then you, my friend, have discovered the magic of art.

I hope that as you poke around the gallery or check out some upcoming events or classes, that some of the light that keeps me creating will warm you too.

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