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Hey there my friend, it's so good to meet you. I'm Robin, and among many other things, I'm a maker.

I suppose that technically I'm an artist, but I'm not super comfortable calling myself that, because the world of Art is a minefield of comparisons and heartbreak. I've been in shows, won awards, been published...and none of that feels even slightly as awesome as just making stuff.

I started my creative life as a Writer (I didn't have a beret, but I should have), and it was only after much disappointment that I made the discovery that I like to write, but not to Write. What I do like to do is paint, glue, cut things out of paper, and stitch.

In my mid-thirties, after the kids were born and my life began to take on more settled tones, I started playing with rubber stamps. I made cards at first (the most expensive cards of all time. I should have gilded those cards with what they cost in initial art supply outlays). It didn't take longto tumble into the world of mixed media, and then discover my favorite mode of expression, art journaling.

All along I've been an embroiderer, but somewhere along the way I started making art quilts, which have earned me a small measure of acclaim. (Very small. But still.) I seem to have an eye for color and composition that comes out best in my art quilts. I've sold and shown quite a few, but again, what really floats my boat is actually making them. I have not sold and not shown and not even photographed many more, which are in a pile in my studio that gives me angst whenever I see it because I think I should at least get photos of them, for God's sake.

But if there's one thing I've learned, in the life of a maker there's no room for should. There just is. And there is not. There is such an abundance of ideas out there I'll never make them all (neither will you). There is not enough time, space and uninterrupted freedom to do nothing but be in the studio, making and photographing, posting in social media and applying for opportunities. No shoulds allowed. I get done what I get done and that's it.

On that note, I made this website because if you see anything in here that makes you want to make, then my mission is fulfilled. If you read something that helps you to know that you're a creative, original person with cool stuff to contribute, even better. What you won't find here though are:

  • consistent updates
  • a brilliant art education pedigree
  • updates on the contemporary art scene

This is just me, making stuff. And encouraging you to make stuff. And not getting in too much of a twist about anything else.

Wherever you are in your maker's journey, I hope you'll take another step today. You are the only one who can make what you make. Thanks for checking out what I make too.