Soul Journal Circles:

A creative/ life-affirming/ stress-reducing/ treasure hunt for your own gifts


Your life is crazy. You’d love to get elbow-deep in something creative, but who has the time? Besides, you’re not an artist. You just like to fool around.

Not only that, but you’re trying to figure out some big things in your life. You’re looking for ways to have more ease with money, your important relationships, your body and your right work.

I know where you’re coming from, because I’m there too.

I need to create. I need to grow. I need to move ever closer to what’s true for me.

Over the past ten years, I’ve been honing both my creative side and my healer/facilitator side, and the place where they meet is what I call Soul Journaling.

This is a practice that involves short writing prompts which are then explored with colors, shapes and images. And just in case you think that means drawing (not-an-artist Impostor Syndrome alert!), it does not. We’re talking about free-wheeling play here. Quick writing time, then scissors, brushes and glue.

What’s exciting about Soul Journaling is that it creates a space for the part of you that doesn’t speak in words. You’re filled with brilliant, insightful information, and you have all your own answers. You just need a Rosetta Stone to help you understand the language of your own inner heart.

You may think abundance means a certain amount of money but discover that what that really means to you is fresh flowers and light. You may think you want your body to be a certain weight but discover that it’s more important to be fluid in your movement. You may think you need a new partner but discover you need more connection with the partner you have.

In other words, what we think is not as valuable as what we know. Soul Journaling is a great way to make what we know visible.

Also, you’ll have a super cool journal page when you’re finished.

Soul Journal Circles will be an opportunity to get together with a small group of other heart-centered humans and dive deep into a different topic each month. The Circles will not be technique-focused, since honestly, you learned all the techniques you’ll need in kindergarten. (Cutting. Pasting. Colored pencils.)

Instead, each Circle will give us all an opportunity to spelunk into what our deepest minds know about six different potent topics.

The schedule is as follows:

June 21: Money + Abundance

July 19: Soul Purpose + Right Work

August 16: Relationships + Romance

September 20: Travel + Adventure

October 18: Body Kindness + Healing

November 15: Self-Trust + Healthy Boundaries

With each of these topics, we’ll be digging in to discover how you want to feel, and ending with a few potent actions you can take to align with your heart. Which is where all the mojo is, so that you can get where you want to go.

Each Circle will be limited to 10 participants, so that the group is small enough to allow everyone to exchange energy and ideas. (Small groups have so much power!)

The Circles will be held in the Gallery One 3rd floor classroom on the 3rd Thursdays of the month from 6p-8:30p.

Yes, it’s dinnertime, so you’re welcome to bring in snacks and/or your beverage of choice. I’m not planning on providing refreshments, as all my brilliance will be poured into helping guide you toward your most expansive Soul Journal experience.

You can hop in on a single Circle for $25 or explore all six Circles for $97.

All materials will be provided except for an art journal if you choose to work in a book. If you prefer to work on loose paper, I’ll have that handy for you.

I’ll bring the questions, the encouragement, the guidance, the love.

You bring the brave curiosity.

Together we’ll discover the beautiful hallways of your hidden heart!

Click here to nab your spot.