Soul Journal Circles:

A creative/ life-affirming/ treasure hunt for your own gifts


Over the past ten years, I’ve been honing both my creative side and my healer/facilitator side, and the place where those meet is what I call Soul Journaling.

This is an art journaling practice that involves short writing prompts, which are then explored with colors, shapes and images. And just in case you think that means drawing, it does not. We’re talking about free-wheeling play here. Quick writing time, then scissors, brushes and glue.

What’s exciting about Soul Journaling is that it creates a space for the part of you that doesn’t speak in words. You’re filled with brilliant, insightful information, and you have all your own answers. You just need a Rosetta Stone to help you understand the language of your own inner heart.

Soul Journaling is a great way to make what our hearts know visible. This is a practice that will guide you to your wild, alive core.

Our topic schedule is as follows:

Sunday, March 24, 3-6p: Your Soul is Calling

Sunday, April 14, 3-6p: What the Heart Wants

Sunday, May 5, 3-6p: Guides and Guardians

As a participant you will receive:

  • a gorgeous handmade journal with 140lb watercolor paper pages

  • a delectable pile of page-creating materials

  • a unique set of writing prompts for each Circle

  • guidance and insight as your page progresses

  • connection and community with other conscious, creative women

  • potent self-discovery and creative bliss

These Circles will be limited to six participants. This size group is ideal for the profound and vulnerable territory we’ll be mapping.

The Circles will be held in my cozy studio on the 3rd floor of Gallery One. All wonderful materials provided.

The set of three Circles (March, April, May) is $147.

Cheaper than therapy! More fun than line dancing! More character development than an episode of Game of Thrones!

Click here to nab your spot.