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Desire Map Journaling


Desire Mapping meets visual journaling in this right-brained approach to discovering your Core Desired Feelings.

The Desire Map(tm) process, created by Danielle LaPorte, guides you to go beyond goal-setting and to instead ask, "How do I want to feel?" With that information front and center, you can make the choices that will guide your life to its joyful center.

In this workshop, we'll get even more colorful, by inviting our playful, creative sides to contribute to the conversation. We'll start the process by going through some Desire Map questions, and then we'll tap into the rich resources of our creative minds through paint, collage images, scissors and glue.

Give your symbolic side a voice and see what secrets you'll discover to guide your life to its beautiful core.

This workshop will take place on December 9th at Gallery One, from 10-4p.

Tuition is $75 + $20 material fee.

To register, please call the Gallery One front desk at (509) 925-2670.

Until then, feel free to ask yourself how YOU want to feel! I look forward to seeing you, and exploring beautiful ideas together.